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Q: How is Advanced Exteriors different from other companies?
See how we compare to others.
Q: What does Rhino-Shield look like?
Rhino-Shield looks like regular paint, applies like paint, but is a heavy-bodied coating system with unique properties and characteristics that protects longer than paint while maintaining a freshly-painted appearance for 25 years. Find out more about the history and science of Rhino-Shield.
Q: How thick is the Rhino-Shield product?
Ten to twelve times thicker than regular paint.
Q: Can it be tinted to any color?
Yes, it can be tinted to all standard paint colors. Custom tinting is also available.
Q: Can I change the color down the road?
Colors are easily changed by reapplying the top-coat only.
Q: How does Rhino-Shield compare to vinyl siding?
Rhino-Shield offers similar protection as vinyl siding while maintaining the natural look of the home’s original exterior.
Q: How does Rhino-Shield compare to Liquid Siding / Liquid Stucco?
Q: On which surfaces can Rhino-Shield be applied?
Rhino-Shield coating is designed for most any surface such as wood, Masonite, brick, stone, cement, cement block, stucco, masonry and many other materials. It is exceptionally effective at coating stucco and wood homes, as are typical in the southwestern United States.
Q: Will my wood grain still be visible after Rhino-Shield is applied?
The Rhino-Shield product does not affect wood grains and textures.
Q: Are there advantages to coating a brick home with Rhino-Shield?
Coating a brick home gives the opportunity to completely change the look of the home’s exterior. In addition, all cracks and crevices in the work area are sealed with the adhesive base coat to help protect your home.
Q: Do you repair rotten wood before installation?
All rotten wood is repaired or replaced as agreed in contract before coating is applied. Refer to our 12-step application process for details.
Q: Does this product breathe?
Yes. This product is totally gas permeable and allows water vapor to escape.
Q: Can Rhino-Shield be applied to historic homes?
You should always verify the rules for historic areas; however, Rhino-Shield will be readily acceptable in most areas. Rhino-Shield restores and beautifies old wood.
Q: Is the warranty transferable?
The warranty is transferable to a new homeowner one time. For more details, see warranty.
Q: Will my Homeowner’s Association approve Rhino-Shield?
If your Homeowner’s Association will approve paint, they will approve Rhino-Shield.
Q: Can I buy Rhino-Shield and apply it myself?
No. The product is available only through certified applicators, such as Advanced Exteriors.