Advanced Exteriors


San Diego County Customers

Dee and Bob Hungate We have been unbelievably impressed with the quality, workmanship and professionalism. Everyone has bent over backwards to accommodate our wishes, especially when I had a problem picking the color I really wanted. It is comforting to know this is a lifetime value. It satisfies our concerns for the future. Needless to say, we cannot recommend the company enough. Our very great thanks.”
— Dee & Bob Hungate, San Diego, CA

Thank you for the outstanding job painting our house with Rhino Shield. We could not have imagined all of the quality work that went into this job. Twelve years ago, we had our house painted with Tex-Cote Coolwall but within the last few years it had shown signs of dry rot, peeling, and needed a full repainting. We talked with Tex-Cote since the contractor had gone out of business, but there was no recompense for their one-week rush job.
    However, with Advanced Exteriors, the crew worked five weeks everyday (long days), starting with the power wash to the last bit of caulking and cleaning up. Prepping took over two weeks because the peeling Tex-Cote had to be sanded off completely. Unlike Tex-Cote, each layer of Rhino Shield went on thick for long-term protection.
    We were able to have the same colors made that we wanted. In addition, we checked with Advanced Exteriors customers who had Rhino Shield on their homes for about 20 years. They were very pleased with the longevity of the product and the customer service. These homes looked just like new. Even though this is an expensive product, it's worth the cost. We would be happy show our house to any interested home owner. Thank you so much,"
— Robert & Jeanne Haselby, San Diego, CA

You may be sure that we will recommend your product to others who ask about it, and we will tell everyone we meet about our great experience with Advanced Exteriors.”
— Gary & Diane Dobson, San Diego, CA

There are bad companies, there are good companies, and there are great companies. You are one of the great companies! You did more than you promised or we ever expected.”
— Ellen Aleksic, Ramona, CA

Nationwide Customers

The best thing we could have done for our home. Protection and a great appearance.”
— Brad & Mary Decker, Jacksonville, FL

Great work, Great product. Highly recommend.”
— Daniel J. Veldcamp, Greenwood, IN

For the A2 wind tunnel we wanted a coating that would hold up better than paint. Rhino Shield was our choice and we're very happy with the product.”
— Gary Eaker, CEO Aerodyn Wind Tunnels, LLC, Mooresville, NC

We honestly feel that having Rhino Shield ceramic coating on our home had a huge and positive impact on our home selling as quickly as it did.”
— Joseph & Judy Rowe, Fayettville, GA

The new Rhino Shield ceramic coating looks great! Your crew did an excellent job.”
— Sharon Cash, Coppell, TX

They were very effcient, thorough, and the job was done quickly...They delivered what said they would deliver. Great job!”
— Diana Krupka, San Mateo, CA