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Jerry Andriolo

I’ve been painting homes since 1959 with over 15,000 satisfied customers. Our perfect record for nearly 50 years speaks louder than anything we can say about our commitment to ethics and integrity. Let me show you the right way to coat your home!”
— Gervasio “Jerry” Andriolo

Benefits of Advanced Exteriors

  • We have the experience.
    Since 1959, we have been professionally protecting and beautifying homes for nearly 50 years!
  • Impeccable reputation.
    We have served over 15,000 satisfied customers with not one complaint to consumer services reporting agencies... ever!
  • We do not use subcontractors.
    All Advanced Exteriors professionals are employees. To maintain the highest quality control and exceptional service, we never outsource your business to subcontractors.
  • We use the best materials on the market.
    We only use 3M Brand ceramic coatings and top-quality elastomeric and urethan resins in Rhino-Shield coatings perform better than any other product you can find!
  • Guaranteed highest-quality service.
    Quality is our #1 priority. All of our professional coating applicators are highly-skilled and rigorously-trained. They are our exclusive, full-time employees. We do not use subcontractors!
  • All jobs personally supervised.
    Our company founder personally supervises every job, demanding perfection from our crew and your complete satisfaction. You can be sure that every single detail of the job is done perfectly.
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Advanced Exteriors
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Learn how Advanced Exteriors' unique application process gives your home the highest quality exterior coating possible.

Benefits of Rhino-Shield Ceramic Coating System

  • No More Endless Painting and Exterior Maintenance
  • Exclusive Proven Product
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty
  • We use only the highest quality ceramic materials
  • Ceramics Used by NASA and NASCAR
  • Insulates and Saves Energy
  • Reflects 90% of Sun's Rays
  • Energy Star Approved
  • Unique Primer Penetrates Substrate
  • Eliminates Adhesive Failure
  • No Chipping, Peeling or Efflorescence
  • High Elasticity & Flexibility – No More Cracking!
  • Waterproof against 100MPH Winds & Rain
  • Breathes – Rated Best in Industry @ 24.3 perms
  • Resists Dirt, Mildew and Mold
  • Endless Color Options
  • Looks like Fresh New Paint
  • Lifetime Curb Appeal
  • Increases Resale Value

Learn how Rhino-Shield's advanced technology protects better than paint.