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Advanced Exteriors, Inc. is a licensed California contractor with an incredible history. Since 1959, Jerry Andriolo has professionally painted over 15,000 homes and businesses in San Diego and throughout Southern California; yet, not a single complaint has been filed with consumer services bureaus. How is this possible?

Advanced Exteriors, Inc., founder, Jerry Andriolo, started painting homes professionally in the late 1950's at a time when painters were not yet required to be licensed with the Contractors State Licensing Board (CSLB). In fact, it would be another decade before he would apply as  one of the first painters to be licensed in the state.

In those days, American workers took great pride in doing a good job. A solid ethic of quality, craftsmanship, hard work, and an honest desire to truly care for customers was the simple formula for success. It was the only formula.

Fortunately, the early roots of Andriolo's service ethic ran deep, allowing his company to thrive despite numerous competitors that have come and gone over the decades. He remains steadfast in his commitment to an uncompromising service model that honors customers and demands unsurpassed quality from his crews.

That is why you would find Jerry inspecting and directing his exclusive, dedicated team of employees to ensure consistently excellent treatment and results. His nearly 50-year impeccable reputation, unmatched by any other coating company, is hard earned and is the foundation of Advanced Exteriors. Combined with today's best high-tech materials, our old fashioned service gives you a quality application process for beautifully durable results you will appreciate for a LIFETIME!

Martin Montoya, President, joined with Jerry Andriolo, Founder, in 2006 as a dynamic duo, bringing his marketing and home coating expertise to our company. Martin has been in the home coating business since 1994 working in San Diego for the largest texcote dealer and three of the largest stucco and coating companies in San Diego. Martin almost got out of the entire industry as he wasn't satisfied with the durability and quality of the then state-of-the-art products and practices. Just as he neared this decision, he found Rhino-Shield and Jerry, and his faith in the industry was completely restored.

Martin joined Jerry because he wanted to ensure that customers benefited from a higher standard of ethics and integrity, and the ability to execute on what was promised and to meet or exceed warranty expectations through a superior application. Jerry’s flawless record over a 40 year period proved to Martin that he is able to meet the ethics and reliability of a company that he’d been looking for and what his customers deserve.

Jerry and Martin researched and chose a superior alternative to paint, stucco, texcote, liquid coating and vinyl siding: The Rhino-Shield™ Coating System with 3M Ceramics. Rhino-Shield is a long lasting exterior coating that gives you the beautiful appearance of fresh paint with the durable longevity of vinyl siding or fiber cement siding. Rhino-Shield™ Coating System with 3M Ceramics professionally applied by Advanced Exteriors offers many benefits for your home, including insulating, waterproofing, soundproofing and beautifying.

Advanced Exteriors, Inc. is the exclusive dealer of Rhino-Shield™ Coating System (which uses 3M Ceramics) for the Greater San Diego area. We also provide exclusively to our customers Super Paint by Rhino, vinyl windows and Finish Stone.