Advanced Exteriors




(It's only as good as the Dealer and their Dealer Network)

Company History

(Many companies change or "flip" licenses to cover a bad record)

Customer Complaints

(For every customer who makes the effort to complain, 96 don't)
Rhino Shield & Advanced Exteriors

Never had a dealer fail — ALL dealers still in business today.

Never been sued by a dealer
The only coating company that does not use subcontractors
Uses 3M Ceramics!

Same License since 1968 — #255401

Perfect satisfaction record

No complaints to consumer services reporting agencies in over 48 years!

No lawsuits — EVER!

Liquid Stucco / Procraft

43 dealers in 2005 — only 29 today

Liquid Stucco/Liquid Siding's dealer network, BMI Management, was sued by former dealers over warranty issues for $2.2 million. BMI filed bankruptcy and closed their doors. More details .

Took over failed dealership in January 2003.

New owners associated with contractors license in 2004.

Six lawsuits in San Diego Superior Court

Three complaints to the BBB in just the last 36 months.

Nu-Cote / Far Star / Nu-Paint

1 of 25+ Tex-Cote Applicators/"dealers" in San Diego

Closed old license #635359 and reopened under new license #734253 and new name in 1997.

11 lawsuits in San Diego Superior Court

After 25 complaints to the BBB in just the last 36 months, their BBB certification was revoked on 3/17/10.

It's Your Home or Business! Make The Right Choice!

Before you trust anyone to coat your home or business, make sure you choose the right company with the right product and the best service.