Advanced Exteriors

Important: Be Educated!


Some companies are trying to duplicate the success of Advanced Exteriors with lower grade materials. These companies are making claims that they also use ceramics and use names similar to Rhino-Shield. One local company falsely used the 3M logo on their Internet site, which was removed immediately upon Rhino-Shield's notification. Others make similar claims as Liquid Stucco once made and they had a nationwide network of about 45 dealers. In January of 2009, all Liquid Stucco dealers closed their doors and left their customers with no one to back their warranties.

Some of the reasons why they failed:

  • Companies like Liquid Stucco make representations and claims similar to Rhino-Shield; but lack the proof to back up their claims. This is the biggest mistake consumers make. It’s all in the PROOF;
  • They rely on their own product testing data instead of valid third party, independent studies testing of their product, such as BASF reports;
  • Some companies, when you research further, don't have product specification sheets available. When you click on the sheet, it shows as "Pending"! That means NO proof!
  • Some companies use ASTM reports as proof of their product's integrity. ASTM sets the minimum standards a product must meet; and ASTM relies on the companys’ provided data and does NOT actually test the product;
  • Use low grade ceramics and generic materials;
  • Use cheap fillers and bad combination of materials;
  • Not USA manufactured: CHINA, INDIA, OVERSEAS? Can't even locate many of these factories; can you? What if you have warranty issues and the contractor goes BANKRUPT or gets their License REVOKED!! It’s not worth the paper it’s written on.
  • Use subcontractors and poor workmanship! The Better Business Bureau (BBB) relies on employee data provided by each company and does NOT verify it. BEWARE! Companies like Liquid Stucco decieve consumers by claiming they don’t use subcontractors. The company's employee number may reflect office and marketing staff; it doesn't mean that they don't use subcontractors working on your home! Advanced Exteriors requested the BBB to require contractors to sign an affidavit under the penalty of perjury, as to whether or not they use subcontractors, and post it on their BBB report underneath the EMPLOYEE section. The BBB REFUSED!
  • Consumers find out the truth about their public record; such as NuCote Exteriors and Pacific Home Improvements, the largest Tex-Cote dealers, that had their BBB accreditation REVOKED on 3/17/10.

Advanced Exteriors vs. the Competition

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